My Girl My Whiskey and Me

Greenville, SC

My Girl My Whiskey & Me is a progressive bluegrass band out of Greenville, SC and is known to many as the dynamic, guitar and mandolin duo- George and Kelly. But in early 2017 they began to cultivate a special experience with 3 new band members. Josh Riley is a well seasoned bass player, having played in all genres from classical to funk. His energy on stage is contagious. Vilai Harrington keeps our down-home roots alive on the banjo and occasional sweet and tangy vocals. Like Josh, he’s not shy about feeling the music. Robert Gowan is the emotion bender on violin. He’s not your traditional fiddle player, which makes him a perfect addition to MGMWAM. Together as the 5 piece outfit, they create an artful and exciting show you will not soon forget.