Michelle Leblanc

The wheel of fortune is forever spinning forward.  Maybe it’s destiny.  Maybe it’s just the messiness of sorting out what we truly want in life.  Whatever the case, Michelle LeBlanc’s roundabout path has relentlessly thrown her back into the hands of music even when she would run as far away from it as possible.  Ultimately, it was the crumbling of her former life in NYC and then a life changing tarot reading predicting a move to Nashville that she credits for waking her up and throwing her back on her path.

Michelle did make the move to Nashville and recently released her debut EP ‘A Man Like You.’ This album is about the time in her life when she took a leap of faith to move to a new city while still having left behind someone she felt deeply for, but could never say out loud.  “This is sort of a confessional album where I’m exploring all of my unresolved feelings for someone and sifting through how to move forward having made my own decisions.”  The album is a true reflection of Michelle’s own fiery heart and gypsy soul, where she wrestles with love and vulnerability and her decision to leave it behind.  “If there’s one thing I know by this point… if something’s meant to be in your life, it won’t let you give it up.  Music and the songwriting and Nashville…they continue to teach me this.”

‘A MAN LIKE YOU’ was released on March 2nd and is now available everywhere.  You can follow links to stream and buy on her websitemichelleleblancmusic.com.