Matthew Krenz

Charlotte, NC | The Asbury at The Dunhill Hotel

Matthew Krenz serves as Executive Chef at The Asbury at The Dunhill Hotel in Uptown Charlotte, N.C., one of the city’s top-rated dining venues. Known for taking humble ingredients and elevating them to memorable, high flavor bites, Krenz starts with Southern ingredients and tweaks with modern flavors. He leads the culinary team at The Asbury and directs culinary operations for the hotel. Matthew farms on his days off from the restaurant; his family owns Krenz Ranch, a small, sustainable beef operation in New Salem, N.C. Krenz Ranch supplies all of the beef served at The Asbury. (Ask him about our half-pound Krenz Ranch Burgers!)

Matthew grew up all over the South: Atlanta, Tampa, Houston and Charlotte, N.C. During summers with his grandparents in Georgia, he spent the days pickling, canning and preserving vegetables and fruits. These memories would later reinforce his commitment to local food communities built around farmers and artisan suppliers. After training at Central Piedmont Community College, Matthew set his sights on fine dining and making local economies stronger through food and farming. Today, he’s living that vision every time he steps to the stove—or sets foot on the farm.