Insider: Eleanor Rogers

Greenville, SC | The Upstate Foodie

I have spent a great deal of time eating, cooking, reading and talking about food–making me an undeniable foodie. I grew up in Greenville, SC and moved to Columbia to attend USC where I began my journey teaching Montessori. While teaching will always be close to my heart, food has consistently been a passion of mine. When I moved back to Greenville, I was blown away at the variety of foods offered and was frankly overwhelmed by all the new and trendy restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, etc. that were opening up! My hope is to share with you some of the best dishes around Greenville, as well as offer some of my insight to eating and cooking.  My intent is not to critique a restaurant’s food!  If I dine at a restaurant that I don’t care for, I just won’t write a post about it.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram@theupstatefoodie and check out my blog at