Erica Berg

Greenville, SC

With a voice that’s a cross between Susan Tedeschi, Eva Cassidy and Adele, Erica has been singing in the Greenville music scene since 2008, and has built a steady following throughout the Upstate.  She’s a musician first and vocalist second, beginning her music career on the saxophone at the age of twelve.  Because she spent her grammar school and college years playing her horn in bands and orchestras, she didn’t know the extent of her abilities as a vocalist until 2007 when she began singing in a local church.  At that time she put her horn down to focus on singing, and it has been her passion ever since.

Erica is involved with several local projects at this time.  WineDown, her first band formed in September 2010, was a staple in many Upstate clubs and restaurants for several years.  Currently, Erica is focusing on her most recent project, The Erica Berg Collective — soul, blues and rock at it’s finest.  Though The Erica Berg Collective is primarily a private event group, they can be found in Smiley’s Acoustic Café each month, playing at local city events, and are actively involved with Euphoria Greenville.  Erica is also a worship leader at many NewSpring Church campuses, does voice-over and vocal track work at Sit-n-Spin Recording Studios for many clients, including fête Magazine, and has built a reputation of kindness and professionalism within the Greenville music community.

She is a 2004 honor graduate of Erskine College. While at Erskine, Erica studied abroad in both Mexico and Spain and received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. She taught at Hillcrest High School for six years before pursuing music as her full-time career.

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