Darby Wilcox

Upstate singer, songwriter, Darby Wilcox, is an immensely talented artist who brings a refreshing honesty to audiences with every word she sings. She has been named “Best Local Singer Songwriter 2016” and voted “Best Female Vocalist of the Upstate 2017” by the city of Greenville. As she completes work on her upcoming album ’11:11′, she explains how she currently feels, both as a musician and human being.

“I’m definitely embracing more of an Americana/country music feel more…I’ve always favored my fancy boots, but this is going next level,” she says with a laugh. More seriously, though, she emphasizes what drives her songwriting adding that “my music is reflective of where I’m at in life and I feel really good about it right now.”

This happiness is paired with a healthy heaping of sass that is trademark Darby Wilcox and the result is an always engaging performance that will have audiences hanging on her every word. Her personality grabs their attention and, whether she is flying solo or playing with her full band, The Peep Show, it refuses to let go until the very last note.

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