Craig Rogers

Patrick Springs, VA | Border Springs Farm

Craig is the owner and shepherd of Border Springs Farm LLC in Patrick Springs, Virginia at the foothills to the Blue Ridge. His lamb is featured in restaurants from Las Vegas to New York City, from Orlando, Florida to Charleston SC and in Washington DC and Philadelphia by some of the greatest and most well known chefs in America.

Border Springs Farm Lamb has been guided by Craig’s passion for great food, devotion to farming and animal husbandry that is sustainable with a reputation for excellence, and the intellectual challenge of showing how one can create a sustainable agricultural business. He is a frequent author of articles for CNN’s Eatocracy website on issues relating to farming policy, farmer interactions with chefs, and the business of directfrom-the-farm sales.

Over the years, Craig has developed relationships with other purveyors of the very best products in the food industry and has seen opportunities to forge new partnerships to enhance each brand by working together.

One such partnership is with Rappahannock River Oysters and Travis Croxton, who shares similar ideals of farming and a similar customer list for his product that is known to be the country’s finest. Together we have created a concept known as “Lambs and Clams” that has become a oft requested event at regional food and wine festivals.

Today, Border Springs Farm, LLC is focused on vertical integration to not only bring their lamb to retail consumers with a the country’s only all-lamb shop in Philadelphia’s famed Reading Terminal Market.