Christine Mansfield

Greenville, SC | The Lazy Goat

Christine Mansfield first started cooking as soon as she could reach the kitchen counter. While her peers were outside playing and riding bikes, Christine was inside creating a mock restaurant in her family’s living room.

With each homemade batch of cookies and cupcakes that came out of the kitchen, it soon became obvious to Christine’s supportive family that this infatuation wasn’t just a fleeting hobby. After graduating high school in 2013, Christine continued her journey into the culinary world by being accepted into Bob Jones University’s Culinary Arts program.

While still in school, Christine was able to apply what she was learning at Bob Jones by working part-time at a number of restaurants in downtown Greenville. Earning leadership positions at both Camille’s Sidewalk Café and Davani’s restaurants, Christine became responsible for training new hires while also prepping and executing salads and desserts for dinner service.

Following graduation in 2015, Christine earned a key spot on the culinary team of the acclaimed American Grocery Restaurant. Her responsibilities at American Grocery paved the way for her current position at the Lazy Goat where her attention to detail and soft approach to food have made her an unparalleled addition to the culinary team.

Christine’s passions extend outside the kitchen as she enjoys spending her days off hiking with friends and volunteering at her church.

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