Charley Scruggs

Columbia, SC | Tallulah

At Tallulah, the new restaurant redefining the Columbia, SC dining scene, Charley Scruggs is the mastermind for all creation and execution of the restaurant’s pastry and bread program. Born in Naples, Italy alongside nine years spent in Puerto Rico, Scruggs approaches the culinary world with more than just an open palette. Following an education from USC’s Culinary Institute, he started honing his skills under Blake Fairies as a sous chef at Saluda’s Restaurant. From here, Scruggs moved on as pastry chef at Wild Dunes Resort and later the local favorite, The Oak Table. After partnering in the opening of Rise Bakeshop under Sarah Simmons, named one of the 50 Best Chefs in NYC by Food & Wine Magazine, he landed at Tallulah. Passionate about the process and research behind a dish, each one he creates contains a massive amount of thought and precision. Working alongside chef/owner Russell Jones, Scruggs finds motivation in working with local ingredients and foraging direct relationships with regional farmers, much like Jones. In addition to pasty, Scruggs also holds a passion for fermentation and curing programs and in his menus uniquely finds the connection between the two.