Brian ‘The Hammer’ Lorusso

Charlotte, NC | Dogwood Southern Table & Bar, Rare Roots Hospitality

Brian ‘The Hammer’ Lorusso was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He is the only member of his family born in the south. His whole family is from New York. He loves his city and still gets geeked out every time he sees our skyline. It has been amazing to watch Charlotte grow in his lifetime. He’s notorious for riding in the car with his wife and nudging her when they drive by the skyline and say “look at our city!”.  He is obsessed with flavors and trying new combinations and mash ups. He is not fond of the term Mixologist and will always prefer to be called a bartender. He prides himself in giving people an experience and hospitality unparalled to the rest of our city.

Charlotte Magazine ‘Bartender of the Year’